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  • November 2011: MoodSense wins Best Paper Award from PhoneSense 2011.
  • June 2011: Chameleon wins Best Paper Award from MobiSys 2011
  • May 2011: Group members leave for summer ventures: Ardalan and Lin to MSR, Mian to Samsung Standards Lab, Robert to MSRA, Hang to AT&T Labs, Clay to Bell Labs, Xiaozhu to IBM Austin Lab.
  • May 2011: Undergraduates Jessie Choe, Tyler Siegert, and Patrick Breen joined ECG for the summer
  • May 2011: Clay Shepard receives an NDSEG Fellowship
  • January 2011: NSF CAREER grant awarded.
  • December 2010: BeamAdapt covered by Technology Review (The Physics arXiv Blog) and more
  • October 2010: LiveLab mentioned by Technology Review.
  • August 2010: Jun's work covered by New York Times, EE Times, Houston Chronicle, and more.
  • August 2010: NSF NetSE grant awarded.
  • August 2010: Our work on directional communication for mobile devices is covered by Technology Review, NETWORKWORLD, and more.
  • June 2010: Robert LiKamWa, member of Team Supermodel, joins ECG as a graduate student.
  • May 2010: three REU students join ECG for the summer.
  • April 2010: two senior design teams working with ECG, Team Bluefrared and Team Supermodel,  won top awards from the school of engineering (announcement). Team Supermodel won the top Rice award from TI Analog Design Contest.
  • March 2010: Nelson Grajales, a high-school student from Harmony Science Academy, won a special award from Gulf Coast Section American Industrial Hygiene Association (GCSAIHA), for his science project in collaboration with ECG.
  • February 2010: Mian Dong won Best Demo/Poster Award from HotMobile'10 for his demonstration of power-saving color transformation of OLED displays. See our related DAC'09 and ISLPED'09 papers.
  • September 2009: Zhen Wang and Siqi Zhao join ECG as graduate students.
  • May 2009: Two projects, mobileWARP and Flexible Wireless, funded by NSF.
  • May 2009: Clayton Shepard joins ECG as a graduate student.
  • May 2009: Five REU undergraduate interns, Norman Pai, Lucia Sun, Ashley Herron, Katherine Threlkeld, and Alex Dobranich,  joined ECG for the summer.
  • May 2009: Team Gigamesh and Team uRound won the Second and Third Places in ECE departmental senior design contest.
  • April 2009: Christina Cady, intern from Harmony Science Academy-Houston, won a Silver Metal (Computer Science) in the Texas Junior Academy of Science competition. Her mentor at ECG is Jiayang Liu.
  • March 2009: uWave receives the Mark Weiser Best Paper Award from IEEE PerCom 2009
  • September 2008: Hasan's MobiCom demo of BeamSwitch was one of the three finalists for Best Student Demo
  • August 2008: NSF IIS/Human-Centered Computing grant (IIS #0803556) awarded for the Pecan Park Project
  • May 2008: Four REU undergraduate interns, Michael Lo, Yiming Wang, Kevin Choi, and Stephen Jong, joined ECG for the summer.
  • May 2008: Two senior design teams advised by Prof. Zhong won the First and Second Places in the department senior design contest. They are IV Drip Control and uShake. The Third place team was also from the Fall 2007 ELEC424 class. Last year, Team Tangerine won the First place, too.
  • April 2008: NSF Computing Research Infrastructure (CRI) grant (CNS #0751173) awarded for the Pecan Park Project.

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